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Individual Energy Therapy Sessions

Every session includes a portion of affirmative prayer: a non-denominational prayer of celebration for the life of the person I am meeting with. I powerfully affirm that they are a unique expression of Life and that they are here for much more than a humdrum, get-through-the-day kind of existence.

I then begin the energy work itself. Energy work entails the application or release of energy in relation to various energy centers and/or body parts to heal and balance the physical and vital bodies. Sometimes this is mainly through the use of Reiki, during which the energy flows through me to where it is most needed. At other times, I sense specific guidance as to where and/or why the energy is needed. Often my technique relies on medical intuition so as to provide energy to specific, deep anatomical points. Sometimes the work is more chakra-focused, with treatments focused on particular energy centers throughout the body. MEDITATION_770-1397133221However the energy therapy manifests, it is led via intuition and conducted with the powerful intention of love.

Lastly, sessions may include “life insights,” which is my term for describing impressions, images, and feeling tones that I sometimes see in relation to a person’s life. These are often symbolic in nature and vivid in detail, like dreams but much more. The meaning greatly depends on the other person’s interpretation, although I often will have an understanding of what it is meant to impart. Of course I will share all of these details. This portion is sometimes the richest and most potent of the session.

These sessions may be conducted in person, at my office location, or occasionally at your home. They can provided in-person or in a remote fashion. You can read more about distance therapy in the Energy Therapy Services drop down menu.