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Group Energy Therapy

Ancient wisdom and modern science show us that not only do individuals have energetic patterns, but places and gatherings of people do as well. Just imagine the creative, high-frequency energy flowing through a room of worshipers at a spiritual gathering, or the low-frequency energy of sadness and grief created at a funeral. For centuries different practices have “blessed” or “anointed” locations or new endeavors. Knowing that this group energy exists, it follows that through energy therapy we can affect the balance and health of these group energy patterns and the people involved.

That is the purpose of HLI’s Group Energy Therapy. If you are interested in having energy work given to your business, your family, your dream, your home, your Meetup group, or any other place or group that comes to mind, don’t hesitate to contact HLI at . Let’s think outside of the box together and see what can happen!