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What is Energy Therapy?

Energy therapy, or energy healing, can be challenging to define as it includes and overlaps with many alternative or complimentary healing techniques such as reiki, pranic healing, chakra balancing, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture. Energy therapy, at the most fundamental, is the use of energy to bring wellness to the physical and subtle bodies.

Energy fields are all around us and through us. There is nothing that is not made up of energy. The sciences of biophysics and quantum physics are discovering more and more how the way we move, think, feel, and intend actually sets into motion energy fields that then impact our surroundings and even that which is distant. This interconnectedness of all things via energetic systems from the molecular, to the emotional, to the psychic is a crucial premise of energy therapy.


Healing is possible when energy that has become blocked or negatively charged is allowed to flow, dissipate, or transform. This can take place at a physical level, an emotional level, a mental level and even a spiritual level. An energy healer  is usually naturally drawn to this kind of work and has honed their skills through training, mentorship, personal study, and much practice. Most energy healers I have come to know and respect also felt they had a deep empathic and intuitive gift even as a child. Energy therapy relies on this kind of intuitive sense as one connects with subtle energy fields.

eah_resource_1Energy therapies are slowly becom20030217_400ing more accepted as they compete for respect in the world of Western medicine. They have been used for centuries in ancient cultures but have traditionally been thought of as unscientific and feeble compared to modern medicine. Now, there is a growing interest in energy work in the medical fields as more and more scientific and anecdotal evidence is shared with the world. A true shift is occurring, bridging the Western medicine model with the energy- and intuitive-based model of treatments.


No matter what work we pursue together through the energy therapies offered at HLI  the ultimate purpose is the same:

To free you to become more of your true self, 

doing more of your highest purpose,

for more of the world’s greatest good.