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About Simone

 Simone Frame, MA CCC-SLP, RP is the founder of Healing Life Insights. She resides in Los Angeles after spending most of her life in the midwest. Years of study, clinical practice, spiritual seeking, prayer, and travel have guided Simone toward this fulfillment of a purpose and passion which is HLI.

Simone embraces many approaches to healing across paradigms. Being drawn to the spiritual even as a young child, Simone has never stopped exploring the varying expressions of god and truth. Discovering spiritual healing techniques has been a fascinating part of this exploration. She has studied Integral Energy Therapy in Los Angeles, practiced Christian intercessory prayer and fasting, received counsel from one of the leading integrative healthcare pioneers in America, studied various modes of meditation with Michael Beckwith, and is a Level-3 Reiki Master.

In the midst of this learning, Simone has worked as a certified speech and language pathologist (SLP) for over a decade. She was led to this field by her fascination with people’s communication and the disruptions in communication that can occur in cases such as aphasia, autism, developmental language delay, voice disorders, and stuttering, for example. In honor of the inherent connection between language and literacy, Simone has acquired training in dyslexia intervention and provides both literacy instruction and literacy therapy.

Simone launched Healing Life Insights in 2014 to bring these areas of therapy together. Helping others find their own inner power and watching them discover the interconnected nature of their true self is Simone’s great joy, whether it be through her work as an SLP, a literacy interventionist, or as an energy therapist. It is all connected and comes back to the unifying theme of personal freedom. Her blog, Life As a Wave, can be found at where she discusses her theory of “omniconnection” and its great significance to the wellbeing of ourselves as individuals, our species, and our world.

“As I work more with people I realize that my consciousness can help their consciousness. The  sessions that we have together are always surprising and never boring! The reward for me is an evolving understanding of our connection with one another and seeing people find freedom in all kinds of ways. The benefits for my clients are things like emotional peace, deeper self-awareness and self-love, and physical well-being. My goal, always, is to help people grow and express themselves as free, purposeful beings.

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The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

– Pablo Picasso